Explore the technology, insights and trends shaping the future of biomarkers and advancing medicine.


Berlin Biomarker Forum is where you can meet researchers, technology providers, end-users and executives from across the biomarker discovery and development.

It offers a unique platform to present and get up-to-date with the most cutting edge research outcomes and innovative developments of biomarker discovery, validation, commercialisation and utilization.

Bringing together the research community with industry, the Forum will spark discussions refer to both theoretical and applied research in the biomarker field, from disease mechanism, monitoring and prediction through to biomarkers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Latest advances in the integration of biomarkers in medical product development will also be covered.

We invite you to join this meeting to discover a mix of action-based technical sessions, share your new findings, and deliberate on the key opportunities and challenges in biomarker technologies, as well as to network and initiate collaborations.

Why Attend

1Make Connections

Nothing beats face-to-face connection, person-to-person networking, touch-and-feel product previews and demonstrations, and professional business development.

2See The Trends

Gain year's worth of training and knowledge in two full days of interactive discussions. Explore what’s possible, hear about the latest developments of biomarker projects, products and solutions live from international experts.

3Get Discovered

Increase exposure of your brand, network with industry professionals and generate valuable leads. Whatever your place in the biomarker supply chain, participating at #BiomarkerBerlin will give you the platform to make a big impression on colleagues from the community.

Be Part of It